Today’s Reading

Today’s Reading~The door has been opened and your world expanded~Enjoy the physical space opened by the all Receptive ♡~Notice the Gate surrounding you (your aura) it is your safety as on Earth as You Grow God from within~Many are the planes and demensions of the Earth, your healthy Aura and LOVE OF GOD are the passports that let you travel unmolested as Holy Spirit ~Be aware that Life creates blocks to your endeavors  if you need to learn a little more~ before you knock down weak resistance inquire why it is there~Your ancestors call you from tomorrow and sing medicine stories of the NOW ALL TIME is talking..go deep within Sacred Vision to receive what they have say~


*BeLoved Souls the suit of Red brings us challenge and perceived conflicts for Soul Growth. Where in the World would you like to expand, our Inner Plane Guardians, Ancestors and Animal Spirit Guides sometimes hide there messages in the LAST place WE WANT TO LOOK INSIDE ;) …if your blocked look at where your stuck…For sure GOD has hidden his LOVE…and Mine is there too!!! I LOVE YOU♡


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